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This past May, I had the opportunity to go on an incredible trip to Benin and Swaziland with my university soccer team, Trinity Western Spartans. Altogether, we were able to build three water wells and three churches for the villages in Benin. We integrated into the community of Bulembu, Swaziland by connecting with the children through soccer clinics and games. Despite the language barriers, it was amazing to see how a sport could bring people together all over the world. I was able to learn about the multiple cultures as we were immersed into the daily lives of the women that resided in these communities. It was a truly humbling experience. Being able to go to different countries in Africa as well as Paraguay in 2015 has allowed me to gain a new perspective on life and to realize how fortunate we are here in North America. Overall, it was an opportunity of a lifetime and I hope to one day go back to Africa.