Feel Foreign is governed by a founding Board of Directors with a range of skills and experiences in education, business, and international work. Board members include:

Randy Paquette

Randy has 20 years of experience in post-secondary education, particularly in alumni relations, fund development and student services roles. He is currently the Senior Director, Development (Institutional) at the University of Calgary. Randy also has strong international experience, previously acting as the National Executive Director of the Hong Kong-Canada Business Association (HKCBA). With a master’s degree in leadership, the focus of which was leadership in the nonprofit sector, Randy has been active in the Calgary nonprofit community and is the current Chair of the Board for the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (CCVO).

Bonita Paquette

Bonita has over 20 years of experience working in public practice and private industry, specializing in Internal Audit and Risk Management. She is currently the Director of Internal Audit at Brion Energy, a subsidiary of PetroChina. In her current and previous roles, Bonita has worked in many environments involving a diverse workforce, interacting with employees, colleagues and clients from multicultural backgrounds. Bonita is also the current President of the Calgary Section of the Hong Kong-Canada Business Association (HKCBA). Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Bonita is of Chinese descent.

Gary Yeung

Gary was born in Hong Kong, and came to Canada as a teenager. As a CPA, CISA, PMP and CRMA Gary is an experienced consultant with over 20 years of experience in enterprise risk management, project management, internal control and process improvement projects. Having worked in both Canada and Hong Kong, Gary shares insights on working and living in a different culture. Gary is also the current Vice-President of the Calgary Section of the Hong Kong-Canada Business Association (HKCBA).