Feel Foreign


Feel Foreign is a nonprofit organization incorporated in Canada. Our purpose is to build bridges across cultures and improve intercultural dynamics. We do this by telling the stories of real people learning a new culture, addressing stereotypes and discussing cultural differences in an entertaining way. We are grounded in the principle that storytelling is a fundamental approach to increasing cultural awareness. Our vision is for Feel Foreign to become the “go to” organization to help individuals living and working in multicultural environments to understand and address cross-cultural differences and connect through shared experiences.
Participation of our followers is a core part of the Feel Foreign model: we tell real stories, primarily through video, that profile our community members; we engage our community members in discussion on real-life issues; and we connect with community members in local communities and in larger forums, such as our first major initiative, the Feel Foreign Film Contest. The goal of the Feel Foreign Film Contest is to create a space for dialogue and awareness about cultural issues. We are excited to see how this contest shapes cultural dialogue. Feel Foreign is a challenge – a call to action – to experience, embrace and learn from different cultures. Telling personal stories is an engaging way to share different perspectives and experiences that contribute to cultural awareness. The inaugural Feel Foreign Film Contest is a team effort, led by Feel Foreign and supported by post-secondary projects.
Films may be submitted under any of the following six themes: Business, Education, Sport, Family, Lifestyle and Food. The top three (3) winners will be announced and presented with cash prizes at the Feel Foreign Film Contest Awards at Theatre Junction Grand on June 15, 2017. Winners will be selected based on a combination of live voting and evaluation by a high profile panel of judges.